Hiring Process

Our hiring process is based on open spots and people’s professional and personal development. Hence, we designed a process based on education, learning by doing, and career plan.

Open Spots and Requirements

The open spots are related to the following profiles:


Works to develop large web apps, communicate with the team and clients as well as with the design team to review features. Moreover, it’s oriented to fulfill the tasks based on agile development. Discussing architecture, developing in React /Node/React Native/JS, and defending processes that implement quality are the central tasks for this spot.


Job responsibilities:

Specific skills requirements:

Soft skills:



Product Designer

Works to design, develop, launch web and mobile applications. It’s all about creating experiences that people can use with ease and delight, so a key design skill is learning how to make that experience the best it can be. Expertise in Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD or other tools, experience in guiding clients and designing sprints and strong knowledge of UX and UI design process, methodologies and frameworks are the basis to work as a Full stack Designer.


Job responsibilities:

Skill requirements:




This position was designed to last from 6 months to 2 years and it’s based on a training process tailored according to the needs, aiming to jump to Developer as soon as possible.

Hiring Stages

The 4 stages of the hiring process aim at measuring technical prowess, communication skills, and management abilities for UX designer and Developer positions:

At the end of the process, candidates are shortlisted and each new collaborator starts the on-boarding process to acquire knowledge organizationally and technically.

On-boarding Process

Our on-boarding process is designed to maximize learning opportunities, knowledge sharing, and professional development. Reading is awesome and necessary, but true growth is achieved through learning by doing. Hence, the process lasts 1 week in order to be fully integrated on our culture and the topics vary according to the role.

First Step

Second Step


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin.

We strongly believe that education makes us more agile when taking decisions. For this reason, we tailored our education cycle by using the following spaces:

As already stated, we value education in all its declination. Therefore, Mobix is committed to buying technical books and courses (online and offline) for anyone who claims for it, taking into consideration our possibilities.

Career Development Plan

Available soon


For the whole team, the benefits are the same independently of the position: