Why Choosing Mobix

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics.

In each kind of relationship, you can learn what are the good practices that matter and those which are the basis of it to guarantee high-quality experiences for our main stakeholders: clients and collaborators. So, we are not only a software studio with experienced developers.

We like to tailor outstanding solutions together with the client. We are not choosing projects where we are invaluable in a month and disposable in the next. We want to help products to last. For this reason we designed the standards we offer to our clients and our expectations towards them.

Standards to our Clients

Standards to our Collaborators

Team Standards

Our main tool is based on OKRs of John Doerr, aiming to make our collaborators more committed and accountable towards their tasks by having a long-term perspective. The team develops a physical scoreboard designed to create both public accountability and team engagement.

Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

“People play differently when they’re keeping score. If you doubt this, watch any group of teenagers playing basketball and see how the game changes the minute scorekeeping begins. The kind of scoreboard that will drive the highest levels of engagement with your team will be one that is designed solely for (and often by) the players”. Chris McChesney, Co-author of the 4 disciplines of execution.

For this reason, we have a simple scoreboard that is updated weekly by our collaborators everytime they contribute to reach the goals.

Weekly Accounting Meeting

Every monday at 11:00 am we do a company-wide meeting so our collaborators can tell the whole company what they’ve been doing and what can be improved. The meeting is based on a card the collaborators should fill to be prepared for the meeting. Hence, each one reports on the bad, good and things to maintain; moreover, they will express a feeling about how the project is going and they will explain why. Finally, they present the solutions found to tackle the problems. During the meeting, they can ask teammates to give feedback to solve the issue.

Monthly Team Activities

The last weekend of the month, we like to do some activities aimed to bonding with the team and to fostering trustworthiness. As stated in our commitments, we invest all the possible resources of the company to host those spaces.

Examples of activities are: karting, escape room, active painting, company adventure, happy hour on the beach.

Bi-Quarterly O2O

Twice a quarter we like to encompass a more high-end discussion between managers and collaborators. Instead of the regular questions about the day-to-day of the project, each coachee is encouraged by the manager to follow these 5-stages process for the personal and professional development:

Set the GOAL

Establish the goal that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time based). It should be aligned with the operational and career goal.

Useful questions to start:

Understand the REALITY

Useful questions:

Search the possible OPTIONS

Useful questions:


Useful questions:

Quarter Review

Effective leaders maximize the performance of their teams and companies by developing great aspirations (mission, vision, and values) and solid long-term goals, and then rigorously executing while iterating on those goals over time. The leader guides this process at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually). A systematic approach for execution will help you realize your goals.

Conducting quarterly operating reviews is a practice that helps managers:

Discusses a list of possible goals for the upcoming quarter.

The overall goal is to develop a list of the best possible goals for the following quarter based on the pre-work for the meeting and the discussion during the meeting.

The outcome of the meeting should be to:

Career Development Plan

Available soon


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin.

We strongly believe that education makes us more agile when taking decisions. For this reason, we tailored our education cycle by using the following spaces:

As already stated, we value education in all its declination. Therefore, Mobix is committed to buying technical books and courses (online and offline) for anyone who claims for it, taking into consideration our possibilities.