Development Best Practices

Project Kickstart

During the kickstart process, we have some requirements that we feel it’s mandatory for a healthy project development lifecycle:

The project won’t have its kickstart while we have our requirements checked up.

Development Ground Rules

As a mandatory behavior, all developers need to attend to the following implementation process:


To kickstart a project at Mobix, we need to evaluate the project complexity as well as the type of architecture.

On regular projects we develop, we avoid starting from scratch - we have our standards for each project we develop. Thus, we can keep good maintenance and also share internally our practices and keep always the culture of improvements.

We set up some hours during the week/month in our team’s allocation to check our boilerplates. Usually, we share some good practices we used in some projects with our clients and put it together for future challenges.

React Projects

Node Projects

Git Flow

Branch Standards

At Mobix we introduce a configuration model tailoring the best practices of code configuration.

Tailoring the project structure, we define two main branches:

Where master tags the production version of the software. In that scenario, the version we deploy and go-live is tagged with its specific version.

homolog delivers the current version of the project to validate our results with our client. We also keep our track on QA assessment before going live.

Regarding develop, we merge all implementations that we do in our team to validate the sprint.

Outside those two main branches, we define the following approach:

Pull Requests (PRs)

For each Pull Request opened, we apply CI/CD as a preview integration a delivery. We validate not only what was implemented, but also check if the tests were done correctly.

Our PR has the following template:

We also have a culture of Code Review for each PR, where we verify code practices and check quality and performances that we might need to improve.

Technical Debts

Technical debts are one of the most important topics around software development. The need to tackle and avoid debts into our code is one of the things we keep on track to improve our projects.

We use Code Climate to check all maintainability/code smells and test coverage report in the project and set up a moment during the Sprint cycle to check all comments regarding our code and tests. The whole team participates in this event, getting good and deep thoughts about the way we are coding.