What We Do

Our Services

Mobix develops software solutions, tailored to client’s needs. We dominate in the use of Node, React JS, React Native and Angular and we love working with APIs.

Business and Tech consulting

We provide tools and frameworks to implement digital transformation helping in the understanding and the execution of new processes and digital products.

Product Design

Using design thinking to create interfaces for web and mobile applications, with a focus on maximizing usability and user experience.

Web, Mobile and API Development

We develop custom software with quality, tailoring with agile methodology. Our work delivers custom code to accommodate your unique needs.

Our Homemade Products


Remote is a web and mobile application aiming to manage routes and deliveries, which will organize and optimize your deliveries through a web platform for managers and application for the deliverers. It allows you to gain time, to manage calls, to assign tasks, and to visualize the whole data by a graphic.

Stack used: AWS, React, Android, Redux, Redux Saga, Node, Mongo, Heroku.


Tandera is an AI-based application that uses pattern recognition to track objects using a smartphone. It allows the user to count objects in a crowded place, manage the amount of people on events, and track its flow to help on decision making.

Stack used: Python, Android, TensorFlow.


Surfguru is a web platform that delivery wave and wind forecasts to help surfers and its stakeholders to find the best place to practice the sport and convert the market to track their customer to its needs. The platform also allows the user to manage the data to obtain a more deep study about the wind and swell behavior and the decision making of ocean traveling.

Stack used: React, Redux, Redux Saga, Netlify, AWS.